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Supply Chain Reaction

Here’s What You Need To Know Will there be anything under the Christmas tree this year? If you follow the news, you’re probably worried supply chain issues will be this year’s Grinch. Beyond holiday fears, however, there are even bigger supply chain worries for a wide range of industries whose effects will reverberate long after […]

Your Exclusive Guide to the Never-Ending “Infrastructure Week”

Here’s What You Need To Know The last month in Congress looked a little like Groundhog Day as legislators moved closer than ever to passing major infrastructure investments, only to have the apparent consensus crumble over how and whether the bill should be linked to President Joe Biden’s broader “Build Back Better” reconciliation package. For […]

Forbes Column: Are You Prepared for a Communications or Reputational Crisis?

It may not always seem it on the surface, but political and reputational risks exist in every organization. In his second column as a member of the Forbes Business Council, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz explains why organizations need to be prepared to anticipate and mitigate a communications or reputations crisis before it happens, because once […]

Delve’s New E-Book: Everything Public Affairs Professionals Need To Know About the Infrastructure Bill

Download the Infrastructure E-book A Message from Delve’s CEO, Jeff Berkowitz After years of “Infrastructure Weeks” and months of legislative jockeying, Congress is poised to send a bipartisan infrastructure package to President Biden’s desk. Like many such bills, its passage represents countless hours by Members of Congress and their staff, along with pressures and encouragement […]

From Europe, With Disappointment

Here’s What You Need To Know Contrasting himself with then-President Trump’s “America First” diplomacy, Joe Biden pledged during the campaign to strengthen America’s alliances to “address the most urgent global challenges.” Then-campaign advisor and now Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Biden’s foreign policy “means engaging the European Union instead … treating it like it’s […]

Under Pressure

Here’s What You Need To Know Texas’ recent law restricting abortion is not just the latest flashpoint in the long running culture war. It is also the latest example of the growing pressures and expectations facing corporations in an increasingly divided America. Until recently, companies and coalitions avoided public policy fights outside of those that affected […]

Forbes Column: Is Your Company Culture a Political Risk or Opportunity?

In his inaugural column as a member of the Forbes Business Council, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz notes that while we often think of political and reputational risks as coming from external forces, that is not always the case. The culture you build in your company can have a real impact on your company’s brand, reputation, […]

A SPAC-tacular Explosion

Here’s What You Need To Know The announcement of a new industry group is a frequent occurrence in Washington, particularly as emerging sectors or practices gain attention –fairly or not – inside the Beltway. With such scrutiny, growing industries beef up their presence in Washington because in the world of Washington physics, political and reputational […]

The Chips Are Down

Here’s What You Need To Know Most Americans don’t think about the nation’s supply chain, but recently, they’ve discovered the consequences of its fragility. Shortages on important technology, like microchips, have driven up the prices of everything from cars to computers – if they’re even in stock – and experts predict it will take years […]