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Trends in Energy Infrastructure: Mid-Year Update

In This Issue: What the recent Exxon shareholder vote means for ESG activism Are environmentalists turning against the energy transition? Regulatory uncertainty is giving way to post-construction regulatory reversal Will the post-Colonial cybersecurity debate lead to legislative action? Despite Recent Exxon Win for ESG Activism, Keeping Financial and Political Interests Aligned May Prove Difficult Financial And Political Shareholder Activism Merges For Exxon Vote. Company management and boards have long […]

Clean Energy’s Purity Test

Here’s What You Need To Know For decades, environmental activists have waged a pressure campaign to shift the energy sector from fossil fuels to alternative resources. Now that transition has become a reality, with renewables’ share of energy production increasing as they become more cost competitive (even without subsidies) and clean tech innovation takes hold across industry incumbents and […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Here’s What You Need To Know As the Biden Administration adds a “global minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent” or higher to its plans to raise taxes and increase regulations, the business community should be able to turn to its traditional allies among Republicans to fight back. However, while Biden is unlikely to win Republican votes for higher […]

The Employee Activism Revolution

Here’s what you need to know… As the recent public debate over Georgia’s new voting law makes clear, American CEOs and corporations have been increasingly willing to make their voices heard on hot button social and political issues. While corporate activism is not a new phenomenon, the forces driving that activism have shifted to inside […]

Waiving Goodbye to Patents?

Here Is What You Need to Know As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out across the world, pharmaceutical companies and their intellectual property are being thrust into the political spotlight as the media, activists, and policymakers raise questions around distribution, access, and equity. Even as citizens expect their country to secure adequate access to vaccine supplies, […]

Trends in Energy Infrastructure: End of Q1 2021

This report is brought to you by the competitive intelligence analysts at Delve as an overview of key trends we have identified to help energy professionals better prepare for what happens next. What the Texas Freeze Illuminates About the Nation’s Energy Debate In Texas Blackouts, Partisans Freeze Out Inconvenient Facts. In February, millions across Texas lost power during a historic freeze, but well before […]

Even After Texas Thawed, Policy Discourse Remains Frozen

Here’s What You Need To Know Last month, as extreme cold swept across the southern United States, more than four million Texans were left with rolling, often extended, power outages. As the state and federal governments continue to assess what led to the grid’s failures, interests on both sides of the debate, the mainstream media, […]

Is There a Sure Bet in This Policy Debate?

Here’s What You Need To Know For many Americans, this weekend’s big game is all about the commercials. This year, depending on which state you reside in, you may have noticed more of these ads before the weekend even arrived touting online sports betting apps. That’s not surprising, given the American Gaming Association estimates 23.2 […]

What Are You Missing?

2020 was a year full of uncertainties and the COVID-19 pandemic forced almost 70 percent of public affairs professionals to dramatically shift the way they do their jobs. That is according to a new survey of over 300 public affairs professionals representing every industry of the global economy conducted by FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call. […]

The Platform Revolution

Here’s What You Need To Know Driven by the emergence of new technology and online connectivity, the world is in the midst of the next economic revolution. As of 2018, 7 of the 10 most valuable companies in the world were a part of the platform economy. This rapid ascent has put private sector entities, […]