Berkowitz on WTSL’s The Bobby Chernin Show

This morning, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz spoke with Bobby Chernin of WTSL in New Hampshire about the state of the GOP presidential primary, whether Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, President Obama’s jobs speech to Congress, the economy and the Obama-Solyndra scandal.

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Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?

Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz explains Social Security’s predicament to The Daily Caller as the site examines the controversy caused by Gov. Rick Perry’s comments about the entitlement program.

Jeff Berkowitz, a communications consultant and former research director at the Republican National Committee, said statements like Perry’s — accurate though they may be — rub Americans the wrong way because they call that guarantee into question.

“The reason it’s so controversial is because it’s so exactly true,” Berkowitz said. “The more you expose the uncertainty, the more people become concerned about the safety of their investment.” …

“When FDR implemented Social Security, there were 16 workers for every one retiree,” Berkowitz said. “Now there’s less than three for every retiree, and it’s moving downward.” …

Berkowitz said the system needs to be reformed, “otherwise whoever is not at or near retirement isn’t going to get the full benefits they were promised.”

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Research: From Dark Art to Daily Tool

“It used to be that 90 percent of it was in the dark-arts category, slipping folders to reporters. Now it’s almost the opposite,” BPA principal Jeff Berkowitz tells Politico’s Ben Smith as he investigates the emergence of opposition research as a critical daily tool for public affairs, advocacy and political campaigns.

Berkowitz also noted that opposition research is particularly relevant to the 2012 Republican presidential primaries: “After the debacles they witnessed last cycle in states like Delaware and Colorado and Alaska, where candidates were not sufficiently vetted before they were nominated, I would expect opposition research to play a stronger role in campaign efforts to feed Republican voters’ desire to trust but verify this cycle.”

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Can Weiner Survive?

Last week, Politico asked that very question, and enlisted Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz to help answer it:

The Queens Congressman did have the good fortune to be busted in an off-year, and in the fast swirl of the contemporary media cycle, some observers thought he might be able to make it up.

“In our day and age, a year and a half isn’t really quick,” said former Republican National Committee research director Jeff Berkowitz. “There’s a lot of time for him to get back to work, focus on his constituents.”

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Berkowitz Appears on RT’s Alyona Show

Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz appeared on RT’s “The Alyona Show” last night to defend the US-Israel Relationship and comment on Obama’s Middle East speech. Here’s the video here:

Delve in Politico on 2012 Campaign

Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz was quoted in Politico, offering analysis of how 2012 presidential candidates should prepare to deal with their past record and other vulnerabilities.

“Now more than ever, you’ve got to think about what’s out there, or what’s not out there yet but could be, “ said Jeff Berkowitz, Rudy Giuliani’s research director in 2008 and a former Republican National Committee research head. “It’s harder to control that, and that’s going to be an increasing unknown for candidates. … You have to get prepared to re-fight a lot of battles you fought five years ago, 10 years ago and account for those things.”

You can read the full article here. Among other services, Delve can help candidates prepare to defend and promote their record as they run for office. Learn more about these and other services here, or feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

Berkowitz Featured on C-SPAN

On December 28th, 2010, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz was a featured lecturer at American University’s Campaign Management Institute, where he discussed strategies and techniques for researching your opponents in political campaigns. A recognized expert on opposition research, Berkowitz discussed both the research process and how to utilize research in campaign message development and rapid response.  C-SPAN covered the lecture live and in re-broadcast.  The video and transcript can be viewed here:

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