Pharmaceutical Company Facing Inexplicable Opposition to a Next Generation Drug

Pharmaceutical Company Facing Inexplicable Opposition to a Next Generation Drug


A pharmaceutical company had developed a next generation treatment for a significant life-threatening disease. The company’s engagement with patient advocates and other stakeholders had proven mostly successful and won them significant support for the future release of this drug. However, there was one very vocal organization that vociferously opposed this next generation treatment at the FDA and elsewhere.


We were engaged to help the firm understand the motivations of this opponent and provide a roadmap for overcoming this opposition in order to successfully win approval for this lifesaving drug. Through our research, we exposed this group’s true motivation for breaking from other stakeholders and opposing the drug. We discovered that the main source of revenue for this organization was treatment clinics that used the current generation of drug treatments that aided but did not prevent the disease. The organization had a history of similar controversy and loud objections that could reduce their credibility, as demonstrated by the range of key voices among patient advocates and other stakeholders we were able to identify who were highly critical of this organization.

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The materials and insights we provided allowed the pharmaceutical company to build a narrative that marginalized the organization and successfully overcame their objections.