Mitigating Risks to International Investments in Health and Life Sciences

Mitigating Risks to International Investments in Health and Life Sciences

The Challenge: Local NGOs in key regions around the world were mounting sophisticated efforts to influence government policies and actions in ways that could undermine policies that are crucial to international investment in health and life sciences. The client was seeking to better understand who was funding and supporting these on-the-ground efforts so they could anticipate and mitigate those efforts.

The Solution: We began by producing a network overview report that detailed how international groups and global funders supported and directed the activities of local, seemingly-grassroots organizations. The overview report identified the key groups involved, which countries they were active in, the funding and other technical and legal support they provided, and how the groups at various levels coordinated and collaborated to influence national government and multilateral policies.

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We then stood up an ongoing monitoring program informed by the network overview to provide regular analysis on activists messaging and influence efforts, collaboration among the various groups, and communication with national government and multilateral officials.

The Result: The network overview helped the client understand the nature and scope of the challenge they were facing. The monitoring alerted the client to issues before it was too late to mitigate their impacts.