Why Delve? 

In today’s fast-moving policy and business environment, what you don’t know can hurt you. There is a constant stream of conversation and data underway, a merging of information flows from online to the airwaves to print to word of mouth. You cannot stop the conversation, you can only shape, guide, and inform it.

By gaining an information advantage over your opponents, you can successfully frame the discussion on your terms. That’s where Delve will make a difference for you:

  • We dig deeper than anyone else using the most advanced commercial and proprietary technology tools. Not just in the research we do for our clients, but also in developing the most efficient, effective ways to undertake and present that research.
  • We present the insights we find in a more concise, compelling, and accessible manner than anyone else. We don't expect you to read 50+ page reports in their entirety to determine the findings for yourself.
  • We meld political instincts finely honed by operating at campaign speed with an understanding of the unique challenges facing companies and industries.

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Research Process

Our unique research process offers customized solutions for every client. Whether it is an end-to-end solution or individual deliverables, our work provides our clients with the insights they need to achieve their objectives.

Research Process

Mobile Services

Suite of Services

The key to creating effective business and campaign strategies is to wholly understand the landscape in which one operates. Our competitive intelligence services provide the foundation of research, monitoring, and analysis you need to respond as the landscape shifts and evolves. Our suite of services integrates seamlessly into your existing public affairs and policy teams or our issue management services help you take action with the insights we provide.

This suite of services includes:


  • Research as in-depth as you need it. Whether you need a deep dive, just a quick overview, or something in between, our opposition research services provide meaningful insights in a concise and action-oriented format. In addition to details on the research subjects themselves, we can provide insights into the relationships and connections between them.


  • Media and subject monitoring that helps you anticipate what’s coming. We can design and implement a monitoring platform to provide regular reporting and insights on the individuals and organizations influencing the debate in your area(s) of concern. Reports can be provided daily, weekly, or at any other frequency. 


  • Clear and concise policy analysis that’s easily understood – by you and your intended audience. Simpler is often better. In contrast to policy experts who get lost in the details, our policy analyses services take complex subjects and make them accessible to your stakeholders and the public.


  • Issue management that brings it all together to achieve success. Whether it is an acute crisis or a long term challenge, we understand how to shape issues to our clients’ advantage. We leverage our experience with political campaigns and other high stakes challenges to understand what is possible and respond quickly in ways a typical crisis firm cannot.

Our Reach

Our Expertise is Breakthrough Insights – Wherever You Need Them. We are often asked if we have any expertise or specialties in particular geographic areas or industries. The bottom line is, we are experts at finding and analyzing information and turning that information into breakthrough insights for our clients. That expertise easily crosses borders, markets, and types of enterprises.

North America, Europe, and Beyond. We have served clients throughout the United States – from Maine to Alaska, Florida to Hawaii, and just about everywhere in between. We have also worked with clients in Canada, Europe, and East Asia. No matter where your challenges are, we can help.

A Wide Range of Industries. When it comes to different industries, we are equally adept. Our clients have come from a range of industries, including financial services, energy production and distribution, utilities, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, telecommunications, technology, commercial insurance, publishing, film production, financial restructuring, due diligence, chemical manufacturing, and litigation support.

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