The Administration Project: People are Policy

How does the presidential transition work, who are the key players, and what do we know about them? Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz went on the Tone and Tenor radio show to discuss Delve’s forthcoming research-on-demand service, The Administration Project, which will provide subscribers with an information advantage on the transition into the next presidential administration.

As Jeff said noted on the show, “It is often said in Washington that people are policy. Helping people understand who is coming in to the administration, what policy initiatives are being launched, tracking them, and helping [people] dig into those issues is really what we will be focusing on in The Administration Project.”


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Jeff went on to share his insights into the current presidential transition teams:

“I think the Hillary Clinton administration is going to be much more predictable. There’s traditionally at least one member from the opposition party in the cabinet. George W. Bush retained Norm Mineta as Transportation Secretary who had been under the Clinton administration. Barack Obama kept Bob Gates as Secretary of Defense and appointed a republican to be Transportation Secretary…”

“…A Trump administration, I think, has a lot more potential for some surprises and intrigue. I think he’s going to want to bring people from the business world – successful CEOs, or former CEOs, and company chairmen – who can bring some of the business sense that he feels comfortable with into his administration. They speak his language on how to go about strategy and goals and meeting objectives that’s very different from the way government works. So it will be interesting to see how that plays out. I also think it will be interesting to see what role, people who are some of the most trusted advisors and folks he turns to, to execute on ideas, are his family members. Does Ivanka come into the administration? What role does Jared Kushner play?”

Why is this important? As Jeff explained, “[The next president will] transition into power and impact the next four or eight years of American life: our security, our prosperity, our culture. Helping folks understand what that means and what the implications are, we thought was important. Everyone is so focused on Election Day and what that means, that they aren’t necessarily thinking about what happens next. We decided to jump ahead and help people start thinking about what will happen after Election Day.”

Learn more about The Administration Project, and get your free copy of The Insider’s Guide to Forming the Next Administration, here.