Anticipating Political And Reputational Risk

Today, a broader range of industries and companies than ever before face elevated political and reputational risk. Public affairs challenges are no longer merely a local, spontaneous reaction to events. Instead, they are increasingly professionalized, digitized, and nationalized (or even internationalized), enabling activist groups to attract wider audiences who all too often only hear messaging from one side of an issue. Organizations that ignore these political and reputational risks do so at their own peril, facing project delays, stifling legislation and regulation, and real financial costs to their business. Effective insights such as those provided by Delve, can help organizations understand the new operating landscape and see around the corner to protect their interests and achieve their objectives.

Our Firm

Delve provides competitive intelligence that helps our clients manage and mitigate political and reputational risk. Our clients rely on us to help them achieve an information advantage on the issues and entities they face in the political, policy, and business environments, because they know being deeply informed is crucial to their success. Our clients include fortune-listed corporations, major industry associations, and non-profit cause organizations such as educational foundations, political committees, and advocacy or policy interest groups.

Our Approach

As Thomas Edison once said, “Good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation." Our core approach sets us apart from other research firms because we embrace that maxim. We don’t bury our clients in a large stack of materials but delve into those stacks ourselves to find the crucial, actionable information our clients need to win and deliver those insights in time to make a difference. Our efforts are designed to quickly bring clients up to speed on the issues and entities related to their challenges. We achieve this difference by leveraging sophisticated technology and rigorously training our team to produce the most thorough and thought-provoking analysis possible.

Our approach – to research and client service – is driven by a distinct set of values that shapes how we conduct business. These values drive our team to help our clients achieve success:

What is Competitive Intelligence?

Competitive intelligence has become a crucial component to addressing political, policy, and business challenges. In the 21st century, shoe-leather lobbying and other traditional public affairs efforts are no longer enough to achieve your goals. You also need the information advantage provided by competitive intelligence efforts. For more on the uses of competitive intelligence for public affairs challenges, see our case studies.

Competitive intelligence provides timely, detailed, and actionable insights in the face of uncertainty. These insights provide an understanding of the threats and opportunities you face, whether they are activist group protests, competing industries or companies, political opponents, or other challenges. Utilizing competitive intelligence in your public affairs efforts can minimize risks and reduce uncertainty about events and actions outside of your control. Done well, competitive intelligence enables you to anticipate and pre-empt competitive challenges.

Competitive intelligence is not spying, nor is it dumpster diving. It is the legitimate and responsible collection and analysis of publicly-accessible information. It takes more than a Google search by an intern to obtain truly valuable insights. Only experienced analysts using a sophisticated and well-honed research process will provide the breakthrough insights you need to achieve your objectives. For more on how we conduct competitive intelligence, learn about the Delve Difference and review our services.