Risk In The Age Of Activism

We are in the age of activism. With public scrutiny of energy infrastructure projects at an all-time high, activism will continue to cause massive delays, cost companies and investors money, and damage reputations. Being unprepared has consequences.


At Delve, we believe that what you don’t know can hurt you. With greater political and reputational risks than ever before, you need to be able to see around the corner and stay ahead of these risks in order to protect your projects and interests, and to make the most out of new opportunities.


That’s why we created MAP. MAP is a robust, proprietary platform for understanding and mitigating political and reputational risks. Through MAP, Delve helps you monitor and assess these risks, and helps protect you against public affairs challenges.


MAP provides an information advantage through secure, centralized access to a wealth of competitive intelligence gained during years of helping energy companies through political and reputational challenges. MAP is updated on a regular basis with new information, and as your needs change, we work with you to understand and mitigate your risks using this innovative platform.