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Jeff Berkowitz, CEO

Recognized by Politico as “an opposition research and policy ace,” Jeff Berkowitz formed Delve after serving as Research Director at the Republican National Committee. In total, he served three tours at the RNC under four chairmen in five election cycles. His work at the RNC helped shape public opinion on the 2002 midterm elections, President Bush’s successful re-election bid, Obamacare, the 2009 economic stimulus package, financial regulatory reform, two Supreme Court nominations, and a range of other political and policy issues.

Berkowitz has also led research and messaging operations at The White House, the U.S. Department of State, Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign, and several prominent private sector and non-profit organizations. Since forming Delve and its predecessor company, Berkowitz Public Affairs, he has provided high stakes counsel and insights to numerous candidates, C-suite executives, and their teams.

Berkowitz currently chairs the board of America’s Future Foundation, a nationwide network fostering the next generation of liberty-minded leaders. He also serves on the board of the Hamilton Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting policies and messages for a self-reliant and secure citizenry by emphasizing what American entrepreneurship and history have shown to work best. Additionally, he is a member of the Young Leadership Board of the Republican Jewish Coalition and a national coalition leader for Maverick PAC.

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