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Trends In Energy: What to expect in 2021

1. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION MAKEUP SIGNALS A WHOLE OF GOVERNMENT APPROACH TO CLIMATE Greens Groups Look To Exert Influence In Biden Administration In Traditional Energy Positions And Beyond. As President-elect Biden began the process of selecting his senior White House staff and Cabinet nominees, environmental groups were assessing potential appointees across all parts of the government […]

Pharma’s post-pandemic policy outlook

Here’s what you need to know… As the first COVID-19 vaccines were delivered this week, pharmaceutical industry leaders recognize that there are still many challenges ahead. While the industry overcame the herculean task of developing and distributing a vaccine in unprecedented time, the pandemic has brought previously obscure issues such as international patent rights and […]

Bridges, Broadband, and Batteries

Here’s what you need to know… As the dust settles on the election results, it is clear that regardless of the outcomes in the Georgia Senate runoffs, President-elect Biden will face the most closely divided government in 20 years, with the thinnest margins separating the parties in Congress since President Bush took office in 2000. […]

The gig is not up…yet

Here’s what you need to know… In the 2020 general election, voters considered 120 statewide ballot initiatives on matters ranging from legalizing heroin in Oregon to taxing oil companies in Alaska. But perhaps the biggest changes came in measures governing labor practices. From Florida’s passage of a $15/hour minimum wage to California voters’ overwhelmingly passing […]

Five Ways to Stay Ahead During the Transition

It may be some time until we know for sure who will be sworn in as president on January 20, 2021, but behind the scenes both candidates’ teams are preparing for the transition in earnest. Even when the election outcome is clear, “The Swamp” is never murkier than in the heat of a presidential transition. […]

From WOTUS to POTUS: Environmental Uncertainty in the Next Administration

Over the past several weeks, we have dived deep into the increasingly permanent state of regulatory uncertainty in Washington. Besides perhaps trade policy, there is no arena in which this state is more prevalent than the various and sometimes obscure environmental rules that govern everything from energy to agriculture to transportation to infrastructure to manufacturing […]

Trends In Energy Infrastructure: October Update

Rockefeller Oil Heirs Add More Fuel To The Divestment Fire Amidst Increased Financial Activism Among Business Community Rockefeller Family Founds BankFWD In Newest Divestment Push. The Rockefeller family and its associated funds have long been aggressive funders of environmentalism and supporters of the divestment movement. For years, the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund (RBF) funded 350.org, the […]

The Art of the (Trade) Deal

Here’s what you need to know… In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump was able to leverage already growing angst on trade to advance his quest for The White House. Now, after nearly four years of trade wars, supply chain disruption, and sanctions, America has its greatest trade deficit in 14 years. Complicating matters is election year […]

Grab Your Paddle. More Regulatory Ping-Pong is Coming

“In a range of large industries — technology, energy, resources, financial services, transportation, trade — the regulatory situation is volatile and prone to significant change,” senior leaders from PricewaterhouseCoopers recently declared. Leave it to accountants to make what could be an understatement of the year. Over the past several decades, the federal government has grown […]