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From WOTUS to POTUS: Environmental Uncertainty in the Next Administration

Over the past several weeks, we have dived deep into the increasingly permanent state of regulatory uncertainty in Washington. Besides perhaps trade policy, there is no arena in which this state is more prevalent than the various and sometimes obscure environmental rules that govern everything from energy to agriculture to transportation to infrastructure to manufacturing […]

Trends In Energy Infrastructure: October Update

Rockefeller Oil Heirs Add More Fuel To The Divestment Fire Amidst Increased Financial Activism Among Business Community Rockefeller Family Founds BankFWD In Newest Divestment Push. The Rockefeller family and its associated funds have long been aggressive funders of environmentalism and supporters of the divestment movement. For years, the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund (RBF) funded 350.org, the […]

The Art of the (Trade) Deal

Here’s what you need to know… In 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump was able to leverage already growing angst on trade to advance his quest for The White House. Now, after nearly four years of trade wars, supply chain disruption, and sanctions, America has its greatest trade deficit in 14 years. Complicating matters is election year […]

Grab Your Paddle. More Regulatory Ping-Pong is Coming

“In a range of large industries — technology, energy, resources, financial services, transportation, trade — the regulatory situation is volatile and prone to significant change,” senior leaders from PricewaterhouseCoopers recently declared. Leave it to accountants to make what could be an understatement of the year. Over the past several decades, the federal government has grown […]

Helping an energy association’s members navigate a constantly shifting operating landscape

Challenge: The energy industry has become increasingly volatile in recent years amid heightened political, reputational, and policy risk. To help their members anticipate these risks and identify new opportunities, a national trade association turned to Delve for timely and accurate public affairs intelligence. Solution: Delve’s work began with a robust risk assessment of the policy […]

You Will Have 78 Days

Here’s what you need to know… Labor Day signifies the home stretch to the election, but here at Delve, we are already thinking about what happens next. After the election comes policymaking that will impact a range of businesses and other interests – both in the frenzy of yearend deals and beyond. To help public […]

How To Fight FOMO

Here’s the bad news: the fear of missing out (FOMO) is real, and it’s even more pronounced for public affairs professionals. That’s according to yet another industry survey, this one by FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call of “600+ public affairs, government relations, public policy, corporate and external affairs, and grassroots and advocacy professionals across the country, — representing every industry […]

Mitigating risks to international investments in health and life sciences

The Challenge: Local NGOs in key regions around the world were mounting sophisticated efforts to influence government policies and actions in ways that could undermine policies that are crucial to international investment in health and life sciences. The client was seeking to better understand who was funding and supporting these on-the-ground efforts so they could […]

Understanding the networks of influence fuels renewable energy project success

Challenge: Getting infrastructure projects built is harder than ever – even when those projects advance clean energy goals. Without the community’s trust and support, projects can experience costly delays and disruptions. That’s why an energy developer turned to Delve to help them understand the range of stakeholders engaging in the permitting and approval processes for […]