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Mind the Gap

Here’s What You Need to Know Nearly 6 in 10 Biden voters and nearly 8 in 10 Trump voters agree that like-minded states (blue and red respectively) ought to secede and form their own separate country. Perhaps no other statistic better underscores “the great divergence” now under way, as red states get redder and blue […]

American Banker Op-Ed: America’s State Treasurers Wake Up

In his latest American Banker column, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz highlights how the politicization of commerce has now engulfed U.S. state treasurer’s offices. To see how firms that rely on institutional capital will have to prepare for the oncoming scrutiny, read the except below, then head to AmericanBanker.com to read the full article. In the November […]

The Hill Op-Ed: There’s A Wave Coming, But It’s Not the One You Think

In his latest column for The Hill, Delve CEO Jeff Berkowitz explains that businesses have much more at stake this fall than which party controls Congress. From investigations into the Biden Administration that may drag firms into them, to pragmatic lawmakers disappearing as the parties become more dominated by less experienced and more ideological officeholders, […]

The Lesson of 2018

Here’s What You Need To Know “There is a massive backlash coming. You will rue the day when it hits you. That day is November 8, 2022.” This declaration, made by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) to “woke Corporate America,” is one of many warning signs that the expected Republican takeover of at least the House of Representatives […]

Can You Pass the Taiwan Test?

Here’s What You Need To Know Nearly 3 million people tracked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent flight to Taiwan, making it the most-tracked flight of all time on Flightradar24. They all wanted to see whether she would land despite loud objections from the People’s Republic of China. That so many were compelled to watch the […]

Regulatory Pain Relief

Here’s What You Need To Know Thousands of complex regulations were set aside when the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) declared COVID-19 a public health emergency (PHE) in early 2020, thanks to waivers by HHS, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and other agencies to get […]

Trustbusting the Midterms

Here’s What You Need To Know “Bring down the price … And do it now,” President Biden tweeted earlier this month, directing “companies running gas stations” to sell gasoline at cost. The demand defied logic (the majority of gas stations are independently-owned and have very low profit margins), but it did highlight how frustrated presidents […]

Trade Winds Blow Against Renewables

Here’s What You Need To Know From the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Climate Accords, international agreements have historically been a boon to the growth of renewable energy. However, as a recent U.S. Department of Commerce investigation of possible Chinese dumping of solar panels into the U.S. highlights, international currents can also inhibit renewables development. […]

As Fintech Grows, so Does the Scrutiny

Here’s What You Need To Know Four out of five U.S. consumers have used “Buy Now, Pay Later,” or BNPL, which lets consumers split online purchases into installment plans or loans. It is not surprising then that Apple yesterday announced it will be the latest entrant into the sector. Yet the tech giant may come […]